Immigration Policy

During the six years that Leah was with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement she worked with many undocumented immigrants, chronicling their stories of arrival to the United States. She saw first-hand what happens when Congress refuses to take up the challenging task of finding bipartisan solutions to one of the most broken areas of U.S. federal policy. Postponing immigration reform has devastating effects on our communities, our economy and our safety. We cannot continue letting Congress off the hook for this important issue.

Leah believes that policy surrounding immigration laws and border security should not be driven by fear, but by facts and common sense solutions. While we must start with immediate protection for Dreamers, we cannot allow Congress to stop there. A comprehensive plan for all 11 million immigrants living in the shadows is necessary to provide adequate worker protection, encourage innovation and stimulate job growth. It is crucial to create a pathway to legal status and an environment of trust between immigrants and law enforcement. Leah saw first-hand how public safety deteriorates when many of our community members are afraid to engage with authorities, resulting in under-reporting of crimes and perpetuating cycles of abuse. The solution is out there - what is not present is a commitment from Congressional leadership to bring it to the floor.  We need a change in Congress and Leah will work hard to enlist a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers to reform our nation's immigration laws.