Firearms Safety

Having grown up in rural Minnesota and spent her career in federal law enforcement, Leah has significant experience with gun safety issues. She is an avid sporting clays enthusiast and supports Minnesota's long history of hunting and sportsmanship. However, throughout her career, she's seen first-hand how firearms end up in the hands of people who should not have them. She knows that we are not helpless - Congress can and must do more to protect our citizens from gun violence.

Leah believes gun violence in America is a public health crisis and should be treated as such. In Congress, one of her first actions will be to restore funding for the Center for Disease Control to study the issue and enact common sense legislation like enhanced background checks, banning bump stocks, ending the gun show loophole and strengthening the penalties for straw buyers. Leah also feels strongly that military-grade weapons, like automatic and semi-automatic assault rifles, should be the exclusive property of the military, not civilians.

Furthermore, as a former FBI counter-terrorism analyst, Leah has direct knowledge of the process to nominate individuals for the "no fly" list.  In Congress, Leah will ensure that if you are on this list you will also be placed on a “no-buy” list for firearms of any kind. If you are too dangerous to the public to be on a plane, you will not have the right to purchase a firearm. Leah will make reducing the rate of gun violence in the US a top priority in Congress.