THE NEXT STEP: organizing unit Conventions

How To Become a Leah Delegate

1) Find Your Convention Location HERE
      Here's lots of info from the DFL website.

2) Here are the levels of participation for Leah supporters to help ENDORSE her in the DFL party.

First Level: Precinct Caucus - DONE (was on Feb 6)
The precinct is the first level of the DFL Party structure. A precinct is comprised of the voting precinct which can be a township, an entire town, or a voting precinct within a larger community. The precinct caucuses are a foundational pillar to the DFL Party’s grassroots history because all Minnesota constituents have the ability to participate at this level.

Those in attendance have an opportunity to speak with candidates and compose resolutions that have the potential to be forwarded to their local unit conventions and the state convention for deliberation for acceptance to the official DFL Ongoing Platform and Action Agenda.

Second Level: Organizing Unit Convention (see locations in item #1 above)
The Organizing Unit is the second level of the DFL Party structure. Delegates are elected to their Organizing Unit conventions at their local precinct caucuses. Then, these delegates will choose delegates to move on to the congressional district convention.

Organizing Units may be based on county, senate district or house district boundaries.  In areas where Organizing Units aren’t full Senate Districts, separate conventions are held to endorse candidates. (The different Organizing Units are defined in the Article V of the DFL Constitution.)

3) Sub-caucusing!  Watch here for a quick and easy overview of how a walking sub-caucus works to elect delegates by proportional voting.

Third Level: Congressional District Convention (April 14th)
The congressional district, an area established by law for the election of representatives to the U.S. Congress, is the third level in the DFL Party structure. The boundaries of congressional districts are determined by State legislature and are dependent on the population of the state and the number of U.S. representative seats given to Minnesota. 

One of the primary congressional district convention tasks is to endorse Minnesota candidates for U.S. Congress.


Watch here for more information specific to Leah's campaign. If you are looking for information that you feel should be listed here, please contact


I need your help...

I am seeking the DFL party's endorsement for Minnesota's now open 8th congressional district seat. 

This endorsement will be decided by DELEGATES to the Congressional District DFL Convention on Saturday, April 14th. If you have become a delegate from your precinct caucus, we now need you to support and/or run as a delegate from your County Unit convention.

We'll help you through this!  Please find out when your OU (Organizing Unit) convention convenes, and turn out to help elect Leah delegates to the Congressional District convention.

 Thank you for participating in Minnesota democracy. I hope to earn your support for endorsement to represent you in Congress.